About the Auto Trader Retailer Awards

2018 marks an important chapter in the history of the Awards. In the spirit of evolving alongside the changes in the market, this year we’ve changed the name from the Auto Trader Click Awards to the Auto Trader Retailer Awards. Why? Because today’s successful retailers can’t rely on just being great at digital to win. Nor is offering a great in-store experience enough. To truly succeed in today’s challenging market, the best retailers have to provide car buyers with a total retail experience – a blended journey between the online and the offline.

The Retailer Awards, and this year’s six categories represent and celebrate that important development.

Why attend? 

Although we don’t like to brag about it, Auto Trader is one of the UK’s most recognised brands. Each month our website and mobile platforms receive nearly 60 million visits, making us the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

More importantly, we're the most trusted automotive classified brand in the UK, with nearly 10 times more consumers claiming to trust Auto Trader over our nearest competitor.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, in today’s increasingly competitive and complex marketplace, having an Auto Trader Retailer Award trophy in your cabinet (as well as window stickers, digital logos for your ads and website, not to mention photos, videos, press releases and social media assets – we arm our winners well!), is a great way to stand out from your competitors, building confidence and that all important trust with car buyers!