Auto Trader’s 2019 Mystery Shopping Programme


As part of the Auto Trader Retailer Awards, each year we commission an independently run mystery shopping programme to uncover the very best in auto retail.

The programme consists of 3 phases, an email enquiry, a phone enquiry and a site visit.

The programme works by having the top retailers from each phase moving onto to the next phase. So to move to the phone stage you will need to excel in the email phase.

To help you ensure you have the best chance of success here are a few tips on what you need to do to succeed.

AutoTrader_Mynt-0535 email.JPG


Respond to all enquiries as soon as possible with a personalised response that acknowledges the nature of the enquiry. Don’t forget to thank them for their enquiry and invite them to visit your forecourt.

AutoTrader_Mynt-0646 phone.JPG


Its all down to phone manner in this phase. Make the customer feel like you are interested in them and their enquiry in a friendly and professional manner. Taking down all the customers details and inviting them to the forecourt is a must.

AutoTrader_Mynt-0614 visit.JPG

Site visit

The final phase that only the very best make it to. Here you must give the customer the very best onsite experience possible. Ensure you identify exactly what the customer is after and make sure they have all the information they need, including a test drive, to make a fully informed purchase is key. Don’t forget to follow up within 2 days!

The finalists and winners will be announced at this years Auto Trader Retailer Awards (London, 18th July).

Find out just what it means to win an award from one of last year’s winners in the video below.